A List Of Natural Resources...

You Never Know When One Might

Come In Handy!

OK so when was the last time anyone asked you for a list of natural resources?

Yeah, me neither.

But who's to say they won't become the next hot rage. It could happen. No for real, then you would be ahead of everybody. I've got all kind of lists. Just copy and paste baby; and you'll be on your way to... well, anywhere somebody with a whole bunch of list would want to go.

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Palm Springs, Ca. WomenAsTreasure

Alternative Fuels


Natural resources are materials/substances that occur naturally and can be used for economic gain. Things like Water-which happens to cover 72% of the earth, but only 10% of it is drinkable. Oil-Arguably 

Benefits Of The Sun

Clean Water

one of the most valuable resources there is. Many wars have been waged over this thick black substance. Coal-Even with the popularity of solar power, coal is still the most efficient

Ft. Worth, Tx. WomenAsTreasure

Different Types Of Soil

Forrest In California

Good reasons to Plant Trees

type of fuel for heat. Trees- Our forests provide homes for many little creatures. We are able to build homes with the lumber they provide. Did you know that one large tree can provide enough oxygen for two  

My Plum Tree WomenAsTreasure

Heating Fuels

How To Plant A Tree

Incentives To Recycle

people to breath for one full year. Consider planting a few fruit trees, you will be amazed by the taste. It will taste better than what you can purchase at some of

A Dump in Southern Ca. WomenAsTreasure


Land Pollution


the major grocery outlets.

We have many wonderful natural resources that were created for us by our heavenly Father.

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There are many resources here in the United States.

Different areas are known for their materials.

When you say Gold Rush' California may come to mind.

Black Gold, Texas Tea (think Beverly Hillbillies-OK that was back in the 1960's) anyway Texas oil.

Lobster... Maine pops into my mind.

Copper... Arizona

Forrest... Massachusetts

Gas, Oil, and Coal... Indiana

Water (fresh)... Hawaii

Lakes, Fish and Wildlife... Michigan

What is your state known for; do you know? I encourage you to take a little time to familiarize yourself with the wealth of your area. 

Sunset, Northern Ca. WomanAsTreasure

We have some of the most beautiful sunsets here on the west coast!

Take time to enjoy the beauty that is all around you.

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